About Us


HyperKarts, LLC was formed to provide one of the most exciting party and special event attractions in history – Go-Kart driving for kids and young adults.

Since the beginning of time, everyone has enjoyed the act of driving….especially those who were unable to drive their own car…  We decided that it was time to allow kids and adults to rent Go-Karts for special events and let their adrenaline go wild.  We wanted to provide an attraction that was unique, fun and safe – but that also provided a high return on excitement….hence the birth of HyperKarts – a premium Go-Kart rental company for private parties and special events.

It doesn’t stop there….fun is only the beginning.  HyperKarts wanted to create a high end service – which means that safety is just as important as the fun we provide.  All of the equipment and practices used by HyperKarts are reviewed regularly for safety.  Our technicians are trained to provide the safest environment for all ages to ensure that the fun stays that way.

To learn more about us and our services, give us a call today: 818-850-1601