Our premium Go-Kart is the Hyper-Racer.  This Go-Kart is fully electric with speeds between a slow 8 mph and a brisk 15 mph.  The speed is set prior to your event, depending on your specific requirements.

Participants are trained to drive prior to the use of the vehicles and are provided with a safety helmet.  If needed, the cars are also equipped with a remote control unit to allow the HyperKarts technicians to easily disable all of the cars at a moment’s notice to ensure complete safety for all of the participants.

These Go-Karts are fun for ages 6 to adult.  Riders must be at least 42″ tall to ride.  For riders under 6 years or for smaller riders, we have the optional Hyper-Racer Twin, which can accommodate an adult with a smaller rider, or the smaller Hyper-Kiddie Karts (see below).



The Hyper-Racer Twin is just about the same as the Hyper-Racer, except it can accommodate two passengers.  This kart is great for older riders wanting to take younger riders for a spin.

To book the Hyper-Racer Twin, please inform a booking agent when making your reservation at 818-850-1601.



For children 3 to 7, we have the Hyper-Kiddie Karts.  These karts are designed to be safe and slow enough for the kids enjoy and easily control.  They can experience real driving while in a safe environment designed especially for the younger drivers.  The Hyper-Kiddie’s travel at about 5-7 mph – about the speed of walking.  Safety helmets are not required on these vehicles, but are available upon request.

Hyper-Kiddie Karts can be set up in a free open driveway or flat grass area and can be contained in a cone track or inflatable track upon request.

Call a HyperKarts booking agent today at: 818-850-1601



For children 0 to adults, our Hyper Trackless Electric Train is the best form of entertainment for all ages.  Simply put, trains have always been the best way to travel to a child’s imagination – and with our ALL ELECTRIC trackless train, there is NO GAS SMELL, NO OIL,  NO POLLUTION and NO LOUD NOISE – Just simple electric power do deliver 12-18 smiles at once!  Our trackless train can ride on grass or asphalt and goes a nice slow speed of 3-5 miles an hour creating the perfect experience for your guests.

Our electric trackless train is equipped with speakers for music to really enhance the experience and fun!

For private parties and corporate events, we can even decorate the sides with your logo, photo or advertisement….and for special events, we can even provide your guest with a ride from the parking lot to the main event.

Call a HyperKarts booking agent today for your Hyper-Trackless Train Party at: 818-850-1601